Study Rooms

Policy Statement

The Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library provides a total of 4 study rooms to enable individuals or small groups of 4 to meet or have a quiet space to work during regular library hours.

  • Access to study room requires a valid I.D. (driver’s license and/or state I.D.). Person/s requesting study room accepts responsibility for maintaining and leaving the room in its original condition.

  • Study room may be used for a Maximum of 2 hours daily. Additional time will be granted only for extreme circumstances and must be pre-approved by the reference librarian on duty. Study rooms are available on a first come – first served basis. Advance reservations will not be taken.

  • Occupancy limits: 4 persons per room.

  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Food, drinks, all tobacco and alcohol products are prohibited.

  • Persons found: eating, littering, engaging in loud or disruptive behavior, defacing library property or otherwise acting inappropriately will be removed from the study room and library.

  • Occupants are responsible for their belongings.

  • All contraband or illegal activities are prohibited.

  • Study rooms may not be used to distribute or sell goods or services of any kind.

  • Study rooms are not intended to be the regular meeting site of any group or organization.

  • No signs, fliers or banners may be attached to any library wall, ceiling or property.

  • Dry erase markers and erasers may be borrowed, but must be returned at the end of the session. Please erase board when you leave.

  • Rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to library closing.

Failure to follow the above rules may result in loss of library privileges and/or criminal prosecution or other action.

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